The nucleus of the S Factor model measures individual companies’ socio-economic, socio-cultural and socio-political impact on people, starting with its employees, and incorporating the systemic impact in the communities where it does business.

The S-Factor Solution provides the deepest set of social impact data currently available on the market and delivers it in a platform that is completely customizable to suit clients’ needs.


Data Analytics for Social Impact and Returns

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Highlights from our comprehensive taxonomy screen for the largest number of social criteria across the entire ESG market - structured by 6 categories consisting of 74 social impact themes, hundreds of indicators, and thousands of metrics. Our performance data provides deep-analytics in relation to hundreds of possible queries.


When comparing ESG products - methods, metrics, indicators, coverage, relevancy, materiality and taxonomy are their most critical components.

The process of compiling hundreds of layers, from sometimes unstructured sources can be daunting.

This is our simplified process:


The S-Factor ScoreTM

The S-Factor Score qualifies material evidence from validated sources across dozens of regulations, codes, frameworks, and benchmarks and provides an aggregate score for each company based on their performance of more than 300 social impact indicators, and thousands of metrics.

The Social Performance Index (MSPITM)

The MSPI features companies with a high S-Factor Score, positive public sentiment and superior financial returns, representing the best in class in both social impact and financial performance.

The S-Factor RatingTM

The S-Factor Rating uses information created by the S-Factor modelling to provide real time risk ratings as it relates to social issues, the probability of disruption and the level of preparedness to manage uncertainties.


Subject expertise and the uniqueness of our analytics provide quick reference formulations for value added information. By including the depth of social impact qualification and quantification, companies and investors can clearly understand their social risk operating environments and monitor changes to these variables in real-time.

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