We put the S in ESGTM

The S Factor Co. provides data and analytics for social impact. Our methodology is centred around one key principle: to demonstrate the value of adding the true litmus for social impact measurement and management to the ESG equation. The ‘E’ and ‘G’ are not ignored; they are simply incomplete without the social lens.

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There are currently US$46 Trillion in AUM employing Responsible and Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) strategies around the globe.

But the “S” – the social factors in ESG, if present, are based on anecdotal data.

The entire market is facing the risk of impact-washing ESG


Until Now.


It is our mission is to fulfil the social impact information gap; by comprehensively monitoring, measuring and reporting on the social impact of public companies globally. This will provide transparent, objective, material, accountable, legitimate and unbiased content to better inform decisions.


We envision a global investment culture that values people over profit. We envision responsible product life cycles, inclusive of human rights throughout its operations and supply chain. We envision a shift in financially material value recognition for the Social Factors™.


The specific purpose behind our mission, is to drive value for social impact performance.