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The S Factor Co. measures companies social impacts in relation to their financial performance.

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What is The S Factor?

SuSustainable, Responsible and Impact investing (SRI), is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns.

The S Factors are the Social Factors, most of which are missing or are too “high-level” from current ESG considerations. The social impact factors are our area of subject-expertise, a discipline where we have been working boots-on-the-ground for over two decades measuring specifically social impacts.

The S Factor Co. is a MacCormick Inc. company, established in 2009. MacCormick created the World’s First, Social Performance Index in 2010. Known as the MSPI, it measures companies’ social impact and risk performance in accordance with dozens of frameworks and hundreds of indicators.

The MSPI top-performing companies are also boasting superior financial results.

More About What We Do

We put the S in ESG

The S Factor Score is a proprietary method which maps every social indicator possible to a standardized set of themes. Our unique scoring methodology captures material evidence of company’s management and performance in these areas, at every site of operation.

The MacCormick Social Performance Index “MSPI” marries the S Factor Score + Financial Performance + Controversies & Sentiment ratings, in order to identify the best-in-class for social, financial and public perception returns.

The S Factor Ratings “ratings” monitors performance in both the score and the index concepts to identify, predict and rate companies risk exposure in social impact issues.


SRI is an investment discipline that considers ESG criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impact.

At large, the social metrics and content substantially underrepresented or are non-existent in across the ESG and Impact markets.

Our Company


The S Factor Co. is a subsidiary of MacCormick Inc. (est. 2009), a Social Impact Management Consulting firm.

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It is the most comprehensive and systematic rating system the sector has ever seen.
-Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

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The S Factor Co. is led by a world-class team of global advisors who are sector and subject matter experts.

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